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If you're looking for local house prices, House Price Guru aims to provide you the easiest way to view and find information about local trends in sold property prices in England and Wales.

Born out of a desire to make it easier to understand information on house prices we aim to keep it as easy as typing a postcode or a click of the location button. When searching for a house ourselves we found it difficult to get a feel for the cost of an area, and see the variation in sales. Looking at individual listings on the big property websites wasn't good enough, so we built this service for everyone.

We wanted some clear tables and charting to help us see the variation and long term trends in house prices. This service hopefully goes some way to filling that gap to provide you with clear insight on current house prices.

Current House Sales Volumes in England & Wales

Average monthly sales volumes by year Average monthly property sales volume by year, April 1995 to latest full month.

The volume of properties changing hands from year to year is based on a number of factors, and is a decent barometer for the health of the economy. For example, the clear effect of the 2008 financial crisis is visible in the difference between 2007 and 2008 sale volumes. And now we are also seeing the effect of the international pandemic and lockdown appearing as another large reduction in sales volumes based in the latest data from 2020 and 2021.

More about House Price Guru

Use of the search box on this site will show sales in a local area. We want you to have the tools at your fingertips that you need to become more informed as a homeowner, buyer or seller.

It is a frequent worry that estate agents’ free valuations may inflate the true value of your house in order to entice you to sell your property through them, over a competing business. This can lead to disappointment over the length of time it takes to sell your property, or in the final value that you are able to sell it for - potentially lower than the expectations you were set.

Being more informed about local house prices, using a service like House Price Guru, means you'll be able to have the right conversations with those prospective agents. This will help you to maximise the chances of getting what you need for your circumstances.

Whatever your reason for searching, our service hopes to makes it easier to identify local variance in recently sold house prices. This information will help you to understand if a value of a house is particularly high or particularly low for the area. You can also search the results to find the history of sales for a property to answer the question 'when & what was this house sold for previously?'.

We also provide information and commentary in the form of blogs on interesting topics in the housing market to help keep you informed and up to date when trying to understand house prices.

Using the search bar above, you can search by postcode (e.g. 'HU5 1LU') or outcode - the first part of a postcode - (e.g. 'ST14'). We are also steadily building in additional methods of searching and additional datasets to enhance the power of the search results that are at your fingertips.