House Price Guru has been created to make it easier to view local house prices and trends.

We believed that there wasn't a satisfactory way to access anything more than individual property prices or average values, often using the popular buying and selling platforms.

If you’re looking to sell your house or flat, you may want to get a better idea of what other properties locally have sold for. If you’re looking to buy, you may wish to have a better idea of how prices have differed street by street or see recent trends. Local house prices can be affected by a number of things, such as town centre regeneration, improved transport links and business growth or decline.

House Price Guru provides a simple search box so you have a huge dataset at your fingertips. The main data is sourced from HM Land Registry via the Open Government License, this dataset contains property sales records since 1995. House Price Guru updates each month in line with the Land Registry dataset. If you can't see a recent sale, it can take between two weeks and two months for a sale to appear in the Land Registry records.

You can read more about the dataset at, and even download the whole thing, but at nearly 4GB it is unwieldy, which is why we've built this easy website.