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Here are house prices for SW6 4JB in London, updated January 2022 with the latest available data.

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With property valuations being a bit of a dark art, it's always useful to have a clear view of recent local sales. Using the data presented on House Price Guru will help you shed some light on the potential value of your home or perhaps one you’d like to purchase in SW6 4JB.

To have your own view alongside any valuations provided by third parties is to be a well-informed buyer/seller. This way you can avoid unscrupulous agents and firms that may provide valuations very wide of the usual mark for the area in order to influence your decisions.


House prices in SW6 4JB are affected by many things, including consumer confidence, the local environment and transport. Check out our blog post ‘4 Big Factors that affect house prices’ for more information on the potential factors affecting areas in London.

There have been

transactions since 1995...

... and

transactions in the past year.

See the breakdown of sales in the past year:

Property Type Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price Number sold

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To narrow down your search, the table below provides the easiest way to see the individual house, flat and terraced sales within SW6 4JB. You can find if a particular property has sold recently and how that it’s price has changed over time, all using HM Land Registry data.

Property Types: D = Detached, S = Semi-Detached, T = Terraced, F = Flat, O = Other